Privacy Policy

All personal data will be held by IT company:

25 Dunning Place
FK2 7UE Falkirk
United Kingdom
Data administrator: Marcin Konka

All your data is stored on MyDevil hosting server: s.c.
ul. Bitwy Pod Monte Casino 5/198
33-100 Tarnow

We will use your data (e-mail address) to inform you when you can register on our newly created Services. If you do so you will benefit from Free Premium account for a period of time plus Early Access Options as a reward that you are with us from the beginning. We may remind you in the future if you don't register after our first e-mail but if you won't respond after up to 3 reminders we will remove your e-mail from our database. We won't sell or give any of your data to any other businesses. If you decide to register with our Services when ready you'll be noticed how they work and who can check your data then but we will never ever sell your personal data to anyone else not directly involved in the running of our Services. You can always remove your data by unsubsribing from our mailing list.

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